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Blowing kisses at my girlfriend the moon


    Blowing kisses at my girlfriend the moon

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    love it

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    Golden Retriever / Siberian Husky mix

    That is seriously the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen.

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    how to draw a sheep: draw a cloud, legs, a circle for the head and there you have it
    a sheep

    someone draw a sheep using these instructions


    this rlly helped i think this is the best sheep i have EVER drawn!!!

    its very good !!

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    i’m just a fuckboy nobody loves me

    he’s just a fuckboy, from a fuckfamily

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    sockdreams.com is such a dangerous website omg you can drop so much money within the blink of an eye


    let me tell you about sockdreams okay. everything they have is cute and their “longer” socks which are for taller or curvier people are amazing. i am almost 6 feet tall and not a skinny lady and i bought some thigh highs thinking they’d end up being calf socks on me and just kind of resigning myself to this fate but when they arrived (in like two days, holy shit they mail out fast) not only did they pull all the way up without trouble, they managed to stay up and look cute. as. fuck. OP’s right yo, that website’s a threat to your wallet.

    sockdreams is such a legitimate company and I love them a lot.

    can’t believe no one’s mentioned yet that a lot of the socks are really cheap (my favorite striped over the knee socks are 6 bucks a pair) and shipping is free in the US (or if you live in portland you can pick it up from sockdreams hq). they also have a great selection of arm warmers and yeah, i can attest for all of my sockdreams orders taking under 3 days to get here. highly recommended

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    I use this to blow CO2 on Hannah’s plants. Veeeerrrrryyy occasionally, it sounds like what humans consider music.

    I use this to blow CO2 on Hannah’s plants. Veeeerrrrryyy occasionally, it sounds like what humans consider music.

  8. Wherever perfectionism is driving, shame is riding shotgun. Perfectionism is not about healthy striving, which you see all the time in successful leaders, it’s not about trying to set goals and being the best we can be, perfectionism is basically a cognitive behavioral process that says if I look perfect, work perfect, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid shame, ridicule, and criticism. It’s a defense mechanism.

    "Why Doing Awesome Work Means Making Yourself Vulnerable"

    So, I’ve been waiting for someone to explain this extremely simple concept to me my entire life.

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    i;m a sitcom

    a situational communist

    i mean what’s the deal with the bourgeoisie?? bazinga

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