1. So it’s looking like the fate of my laptop (getting fixed for free) rests on my grandmother’s hoarding of a receipt from a year ago… it’s highly probable that she has it, based on the fact that she was too paranoid to let me just buy it online (which, coincidentally, if I had done, the receipt would’ve also been stored online in perpetuity and I wouldn’t be in this position right now).

    tl;dr— Mavericks sucks, here’s hoping I’m still under extended warranty, you might not be seeing as much of me on here until this gets sorted.

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A Softer World: 1133
(Now who’s maladjusted?!)
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    A Softer World: 1133

    (Now who’s maladjusted?!)

    buy this print

  7. Mundane superpower request:

    • Ability to read and listen to things simultaneously and fully absorb both things
  8. pizzapvg:

    Hey naperville people
    Apparently there’s a guy running around assaulting young girls at stores like Walmart and target so please be careful going into aisles way the in back of stores or areas where there aren’t a lot of people around!!!

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  10. Went to a sandwich place for lunch with my mom and I think the kid behind the counter was checking me out? Which was kinda flattering because he wasn’t gross. But he looked exactly like my cousin. It’s too bad “people who remind me of people I’m related to” aren’t attractive to me, because that eliminates all tall, skinny, blue-eyed Italian boys. I only have one girl cousin, though…